Kuruçayırlı Construction is in Pakistan

Kuruçayırlı Construction, the flagship sector of Kuruçayırlı Group, participated in the International Construction, Construction Equipment and Machinery Fair held in Karachi, Pakistan between 17-19 December 2022. The interest in the Kuruçayırlı Construction stand, where the top executives of Kuruçayırlı Construction
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Their Club: Kuruçayırlı Kids

Our children, the most precious of Kuruçayırlı Group employees, spend a fun and educational day at Kuruçayırlı Kids Club while their parents are working. In the classroom designed for children, they enjoy their time during working hours, 5 days a
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Award from European Bank

The in-company gender equality award “Gender Equality”, which is organized every year by the European Bank, went to Kuruçayırlı Group this year. The Kuruçayırlı Group, which was deemed worthy of the Middle East first place in the competition, attaches great
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