Kuruçayırlı Business Academy: “Academy 5”

With the completion of 1825 hours of training within 5 years within the scope of the “Kuruçayırlı Business Academy” program, in which all our employees under the roof of Kuruçayırlı Group can participate voluntarily, our graduates gain the right to
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Container Transportation with Kuruçayırlı Logistics

Kuruçayırlı Logistics, one of the Kuruçayırlı Group companies, started to operate in the field of container transportation in 2022. By providing mutual container transportation services from Turkey to 14 European countries, it delivers the export and import demands of its
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Climate Change Conference Participant

Kuruçayırlı Energy was invited as a guest to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will start on October 31 and will last for 12 days. The United Nations Climate Change Conference, which is held traditionally every year, is held
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