The Kuruçayırlı Group never compromises corporate governance principles offered to its stakeholders with all its employees. It is the basic principle of Kuruçayırlı Group to maintain professionalism and sincerity in the same line with a transparent working environment.

Kuruçayırlı Group, which provides a standard and accountable service, regardless of small or large scale, with its supplier of more than its working partner, has been a business policy for a generation where respectability and honesty are involved. The Kuruçayırlı Group, whose values are applied to all business lines with the same standard and keeps the first day’s excitement and desire traditionally, educates all the players behind the scenes to achieve a professional management compliance. Kuruçayırlı Group shares transparency principle with all its employees and stakeholders and analyzes the company’s reports regularly via related web sites.

The Kuruçayırlı Group, which discloses the investment and activity reports of the Board of Directors to all of its stakeholders with the same transparency, is reviewed twice a year by independent audit companies every six months.

All the companies that are affiliated to Kuruçayırlı Group have separate management boards, general manager and unit managers, as well as Group Heads of each activity.