The Kuruçayırlı Group faced many global and regional crises from its foundation year of 1925. The fleet carried by the specialist financial managers and managers who are specialized in providing hot decisions continues in the same way for 2000 years. An Enterprise Risk Management (ERP) was established to provide a minimum risk to the collective and employees, and accumulated knowledge on how to solve the various scenarios and negativities.

Kuruçayırlı Group manages all the companies in the sectors it operates with a separate capital structure. With the 3-month financial analysis reports, the Kuruçayırlı Group meets with the Board of Directors, the Auditing Board and the Group Presidents and shares management decisions. The Kuruçayırlı Group does not keep any company that does not contribute to the economy to the Group without profit or loss. Under this attitude of the Kuruçayırlı Group, there is a policy that the country will not win in the Group if it does not make any profit.