Dear Visitor,

The Kuruçayırlı Family can be viewed through our website, which we started trading in 1925. You can also get information about the sectors, companies and sub-brands belonging to Kuruçayırlı Group through our web site.

I would like to share with you the valuable stones of the 87-year Kuruçayırlı brand, as well as our interactive website that we have provided with you.

Mehmet Kuruçayırlı, the founder and honorary president of our company, started his business life in 1927 with the sales of construction materials and sold more than 100 units in the wide geography of Turkey in today’s fluctuation of the Kuruçayırlı logos He pioneered us.

The Kuruçayırlı Group, which is engaged not only in Turkey but also in the world’s four generations of trade and has been producing generations of 87 years of experience from generations, wants to be strengthened by the joy of being a rooted and reliable organization with its stable structure.

Kam Spor, Turkey’s first sports store, has played an important role in opening the doors of the most important retail brands of the world to the Kuruçayırlı Family through its significant experience and experience in the sector since its establishment and still supports all of our growing organizations. 

With all my colleagues who made it an integral part of the Kuruçayırlı Group on this long journey, the last of the awards we won, TC. The award given by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, “Company Awarding the Principle of Consumer Satisfaction” was given.

The Kuruçayırlı Group, closely followed by the Turkish people everywhere it provides jobs, especially in the capital Ankara, has succeeded to be one of the most popular companies of Turkey, not only us, with the new investments it creates today.

It is not compromised to make the best in every business we make as Kuruçayırlı Family, which keeps the change culture dynamic and innovative and different.

In the hope that your visit will be enjoyable …

Best regards