Kuruçayırlı Group is one of the oldest and most respected family companies in Turkey which has been operating in many different important sectors since its foundation in Ankara in 1925 and has proven itself with its stable structure, prudent management understanding and financial power.

From 1925, it operates in 8 different sectors including construction, insurance, media, industrial enterprise, mining, real estate, energy and logictic.

The Kuruçayırlı Group, which has a say in the sectors it is in, is among the leading organizations of Turkey with the principle of loyalty and satisfaction to its customers. The Kuruçayırlı Group, which aims to raise its social responsibilities that it has gained by investing in Turkish territory with its social responsibilities, has brought many strong projects to the Turkish people today on behalf of sports, education, culture and arts and nature. Kuruçayırlı Group is today an organization with 11 companies and brands in 8 different sectors and contributing significantly to the developing economy of Turkey. As of 2010, Kuruçayırlı Group is a company operating not only in Turkey but also in Middle East and European countries with its overseas partners.