1st April 1925

Mehmet Kuruçayırlı started his working life by purchasing and selling construction materials on April 1, 1925.

Turkey's first sports store

Kam Sports, which sells Turkey's first sporting goods, was established. At the 45 m2 store, the Turkish people first met with sports shoes and tracksuits.

Track Suit Factory

When it was introduced in 1970, with the experience of Family Kam Spor, she started to manufacture sweatshops by establishing textile factory in Istanbul Bayrampaşa. The first cotton-and-microfiber track suits produced in Turkey started to be used in various institutions of Turkey.

Selmin Apparel was founded

Ready-made garment Selman Ready-made garment opened at Ulus Anafartalar Caddesi, Ankara's busiest retail street.

Kuruçayırlı Group, in construction sector

Kuruçayırlı Group started to work on the land in today's Kuruçayırlı Industrial Zone as of 1987 and started its activities in the construction sector.

Selmin Durable Consumer Goods opened

Ulus Anafartalar Caddesi 21 / A Having acquired the dealership of Arçelik brand products at Koç Apartment, it became the first dealer to have the title of a store.

Italian Bata in Turkey ...

Italian footwear and handbags brand Bata opened its first store in Turkey in 1992 with Kuruçayırlı Group in Karum shopping and business center in Ankara.

Kuruçayırlı Automotive was founded

Kuruçayırlı Automative Industry and Trade Limited Company was established in Ostim, Ankara.

Kuruçayırlı Insurance Agency started its activity

In 1997, Kuruçayırlı Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri was established to carry out insurance activities.

Nike started to open stores in Kuruçayırlı Group in Turkey

Kuruçayırlı Group started its business partnership with American Nike brand and formed a chain of wholesale and retail stores all over Turkey. This operation was concluded at the end of 2012 with the entry of Nike America in Turkey through its own store and operation.

Italian Berik, Kuruçayırlı Retail Group

Berik, the Italian motorcycle and casual clothing brand, started selling to Kuruçayırlı Retail Group in Turkey in 2006.

Kuruçayırlı Industrial Site was established

Kuruçayırlı Industrial Site was established in Ostim, Ankara.

American motorcycle giant Arlen Ness on the road with Kuruçayırlı Group

American custom motorcycle designer Arlen Ness joined the Kuruçayırlı Retail Group.

Italian Motorsport brand Sparco, Kuruçayırlı Group in Turkey

Italian motorsports company accessories, equipment and clothing brand Sparco entered Turkey with Kuruçayırlı Group.

Marina and Yachting Group established

Under the Kuruçayırlı Motor Vehicles Import Export Company, the marina and yachting sector was entered.

French Wauquiez floated with Kuruçayırlı Group

Kuruçayırlı Marina and Yachting Group started to represent the French sailboat brand Wauquiez in Turkey and the Turkic Republics.

Kuruçayırlı Radio Television Media Inc. was founded

Kuruçayırlı Media Group was established and steps were taken for television, radio and newspaper publishing.

Radio K started broadcasting

Radio K, founded in Kuruçayırlı Media Group, started broadcasting radio broadcasting

Yeni Millet Newspaper becomes Kuruçayırlı Group

As of February 1, 2011, Yeni Millet Newspaper started to be published in the Kuruçayırlı Media Group.

The Kanal Ankara started broadcasting

Established in Kuruçayırlı Media Group, Kanal Ankara started broadcasting.

Kuruçayırlı Energy Group was established

Kuruçayırlı Group established Energy Group to make energy investments.

2 MW HEPP in Kütahya

Kuruçayırlı Group started its energy investments with a hydroelectric power plant with 2 MW installed power in Kütahya.

Kuruçayırlı Tower opened

Kuruçayırlı Real Estate Group has opened Kuruçayırlı Tower.

Kuruçayırlı Group started its logistics activities

Kuruçayırlı Logistics started its logistics activities with its wide vehicle fleet and storage area.

Podium Mall opened

Podium Shopping Center, which was completed in Ankara Gimat Junction, was opened.

Çaydurt Calcite Mine

Kuruçayırlı Group started its mining activities.