With the investments he made in the Turkish territory, he expressed that his labor is inaccessible; The founder of the Kuruçayırlı Group and the eternal president of the late Mehmet Kuruçayırlı, who had a great success in the Turkish business world and who had a love that would not be exhausted to Ankara as the capital of Turkey,

Kuruçayırlı Mehmet Efendi, who started his business life in 1925 with the sale of construction materials in Ankara, which is the center of Turkey, while he was boiling with the wars of the world. Today Kuruçayırlı Mehmet Efendi has laid the foundations of the Kuruçayırlı Group, which has contributed to the Turkish economy with hundreds of jobs and investments in foreign countries.

Mehmet Kuruçayırlı, referring to the fact that the path of a steady growth can only be seen as a chain of the staff of the company that knows how to take on duties and responsibilities, says “Growth is not fast but stable. “Philosophy to the institutional structure of the Group.

Mehmet Kuruçayırlı’nın “Determining the future generation and century, not by individual, not within the team, confusing the capital with wealth and confiscation of wealth, and leaving permanent artifacts in history, no doubt will provide the maximum satisfaction to humanity” became the first light to the shining star of Kuruçayırlı Group.

“The principle is to win the most halal bounty in this country, to take responsibility for the nation, and to undertake this responsibility”, is the unique and proudest testament that our founder has left us.