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In parallel with the consistent structure of the Kuruçayırlı Media Group, Kanal Ankara is a local television publisher. With its high technology hardware and infrastructure, Kanal Ankara is able to provide its audience with an accurate, impartial and quality publishing principle, each with its own specialist publishing staff. .

Kanal Ankara, which has won the appreciation of audiences with the programs of News, Sports, Economy, Politics, Culture and Art, keeps the quality of the publication with its domestic and foreign films which are appreciated at the show.

Kanal Ankara, which broadcasts live and band broadcasts together with the audience in a studio with a capacity of 100 people, also publishes news, sports, economy, politics, culture and art programs from their own studios.

Ankara-based Kanal Ankara shares its local publishing life with the WHF 8 band and Cable Tv 64.Kanal with all the Ankara provinces and districts and also with the world on the screen via the internet. Kanal Ankara, which continues its broadcast life with programs that can be enjoyed by all kinds of small and big age groups, is the voice, eyes and ear of Ankara and Ankara people.