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Kuruçayırlı Tower built on 18.000 m2 land on Melih Gökçek Boulevard in Kuruçayırlı Family, Kuruçayırlı Tower changes the concept of business tower once again with its prestigious architecture and quality structure in the biggest wonder of the capital. Kuruçayırlı Tower, which is projected with the leading brands of the world, takes a fully active role in heating-cooling, fire and emergency situations thanks to its intelligent building system.

The main entrance is located on the Melih Gökçek Boulevard and 4 sides of the Kuruçayırlı Tower are surrounded by the street. This multi-storey closed car park and the front VIP car park make it a completely business tower and this building also has a special architecture like Showroom and Studio. m2 of extra leasable area.

The design of the business tower, which opens east and west, resembles a sailboat floating in the water with the colors reflected by the glass building. There are offices in total of 14 different architectures, 36 different options including 4 in each floor. In the areas below the business center there are service points such as restaurants and cafes, boutique shops, hypermarket and hairdresser, car wash to meet the needs of people working on the business tower and their guests.