Support to Elazığ from Kuruçayırlı Group

Kuruçayırlı Group sent 2 trucks of food and supplies to support the victims who started to heal their wounds after the earthquake that occurred in Elazığ province on January 24, 2020. The team of 2 employees, who act with the
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Kuruçayırlı Lojistik recorded 27.86% growth

Turkey’s most respected brands logistics, storage and handling services Logistics offers Kuruçayırlı, 2018-2019 year comparison showed an increase in the scope of 27,86’lık%. In 2019, in Turkey’s 50 brands where the 11 brands in the ISO500 list permanent, 80 brand
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Kuruçayırlı Group Employees Satisfaction Rate 96.2%

The satisfaction rate of the Kuruçayırlı Group, which is conducted over the OSP (Online Success Program), which is traditionally conducted for the Human Resources Personnel Efficiency study once a year, was evaluated as 96.2%. In the 40 questions addressed to
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