Kuruçayırlı Group New Year Celebration

Kuruçayırlı Group's traditional Christmas celebration was celebrated in Kuruçayırlı Tower Grand Deluxe Ballroom on the evening of 31.12.2018. Night with their families Kuruçayırlı Group employees participated in the dance and music performances. Watches 00.00 when the fireworks show and cake
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What are you doing for a clean air?

We don’t know about you, but as Kuruçayırlı Energy, we have presented 20.000 pine trees to 700.000 m2 area in Kütahya Electricity Plant for all the living to breathe a better quality air. We planted the plant cover of pine
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Breast Cancer Awareness Reception from Kuruçayırlı Group

The Kuruçayırlı Group, which supports social issues through Social Responsibility Projects, organized a reception aiming to raise awareness of breast cancer due to the 1-31 October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At the Kuruçayırlı Tower Ballroom, Kuruçayırlı Group employees and their
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